A family that works together gets the job done together, and at C H Auto Repair in La Vernia, TX we do just that. Our team is built of a family trio that is devoted to making sure our customers get the best service and the right repairs every time. Chris, the father of the operation, was initially employed as an ASE mechanic and has worked as a technician for a Chevrolet dealer for over 18 years! There he enhanced his mechanical skills and grew a passion for growing into his own business. With drive and passion, Chris started working on vehicles in their garage and as his business grew they expanded in 2011 to the shop you see today. For the first few years of running the business, Chris did everything on his own and built a legacy for his family. In 2011, with the expansion, Chris's wife Laurie stopped working as a nurse and joined his team by working in the office. Son, Christian also joined the team as dad's right-hand man as a technician. This trio's hard work, dedication, and passion for the automotive world keep our customers coming back and our legacy to continue to grow.


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